AIRBRAKE MX Toby Price Signature W/ Prizm Black MX

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From winning multiple desert races to Australian Off-Road and Enduro Championships, Toby Price is easily considered one of the best off-road racers of our time. Not only is he two-time winner of the Dakar Rally, but he recently made history by becoming the first to win the Tatts Finke Desert Race on both two and four wheels. Anyone with that much talent on and off the bike can only be one thing, nuts.

With high-impact resistance that makes you invincible, this landmark of technology is the first even MX design with a lens of pure Plutonite™. It's the new standard of protection and it lets you take the adapt-and-conquer approach with Oakley Switchlock™ Technology, the secret to fast and easy lens changing. The view is wide open, the comfort is beyond reason and the performance leaves other goggles scrambling for second place.

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