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Banjo Brothers Jersey Pocket Cycling Wallet (Phone Wallet) - New Day Sports

Banjo Brothers Jersey Pocket Cycling Wallet (Phone Wallet)

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Category: BIKE

Ditch the sandwich bag for this protective pouch with touch-screen compatible window, zipper closure and pockets for ID and a key. For a handful of bucks, you can keep your phone protected in a jersey pocket or inside a larger pack. Constructed of waterproof fabric (not seam-sealed) with a full length zipper. No there's no good reason to slip your favorite barista a soggy $20.
For you fanboys and fangirls, fits current generation iphone and iphone 6+ and other popular phones (although a bulky case may make the phone too big). Current wallet size will fit phones up to (3.25" x 6.5" inches). We do not constantly monitor changing phone sizes-- so if you want to know if your phone will fit, please take the initiative to measure it and match it to the dimensions listed.
Webbing loop allows wallet to be clipped securely to  a pack. (For scale, the phone in photos is 4.75" x 2.5")


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