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Race Face Bottom Brackets (BB Turbine X-Type)

Race Face Bottom Brackets (BB Turbine X-Type)

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Category: BIKE

Designed to be used with X-Type or EXI cranksets. Manufactured from high strength aluminum & featuring custom retainer bearings. Race Face BB cups are also compatible with various Shimano and FSA external BB systems, making for a great upgrade.


  • Engineered for trail riders that want a high performance BB that lasts.
  • Custom 6805 16 ball retainer bearings with Titanium coated races that ensure unparalleled corrosion resistance.
  • Bearings feature our custom triple wiper seal to better retain grease and keep contaminants out.
  • Bearings are factory filled with Phil Wood waterproof grease - tested and proven to extend bearing life.
  • Cups are forged and CNC machined from aerospace 6066 aluminum. Bearings are fully serviceable with our BBEXI tool.
  • Custom CNC tool interface shaves weight while ensuring positive engagement with standard Shimano and Park tools.
  • Interchangeable with select Shimano and FSA external mountain BB systems.


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