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Smith Optics Fog Master Kit


Product description

Do your goggles fog up all the time? Is it impossible to see? Looking to bump the total of your shopping cart to get free shipping? The No Fog cloth is an extremely helpful and low-cost way to get rid of fog. The cloth has an anti-fogging coating that is applied to lenses of your goggles or glasses when you rub them. Throw this little cloth in your goggle case so that if the conditions get weird you can still be out there doing what you do best. Not only is the cloth great for applying an anti-fogging coating, but it is also great for removing grease buildup and other crap that finds its way onto the lenses while biking, skiing, on the water or where ever else you might be. The special microfiber cloth doesn't make small cuts in the tint and won't leave small fibers behind like other towels might. Little scratches in the tint over time will remove the tint which can end up being really bad for your eyes. This cloth is truly great for anyone who has glasses or goggles, and finds that fogging or build up is sometimes an issue. For a low price you really cannot beat the upgrade this cloth delivers to the lenses of your eyewear.

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