Amphipod Hydraform Handheld Thermal-Lite Run Water Bottle BPA-Free 20oz 16oz 12oz 10oz

$28.50 $32.95

Product description:

All the benefits of the classic Hydraform Handheld with added low profile storage and insulation sleeve! Ergonomic design allows hand to relax. Breathable AirFlow mesh and ultra soft inner. Easily adjusts to fit any hand size. Includes 20oz bottle. All Amphipod bottles are recycling symbol #4 LDPE and are BPA-free. 20oz ergonomically contoured insulated handheld bottle with pocket.

  • Minimalist strap with expandable utility pocket and wicking ultrasoft inner; Secure strap zippered pocket for essentials: iPod, phone, nutrition, keys and more
  • BPA Free bottle; A great combination of hot and cold weather use
  • Ultra-light, ergonomic configuration allows hands to relax in a natural position - Eliminates round bottle hand cramping/tension
  • Jett-Squeeze cap for leak-free quick shot hydration; Quick-adjust no-slip strap
  • The custom cushioned easy-grip insulating sleeve is easily removable for maximum use versatility and washing
Belt Sizing:
RunLite belts come in fitted and one-size options.  One-size belts generally run from 26"-48".  Fitted belt sizes vary by belt type.  See the specific belt you are interested in for sizing for that belt.  Belt extVenders are available.


Vest Sizing:
Unisex Size Chart
Vest Size
Chest Size - Torso Circumference


24 - 40"


36 - 50"


- Amphipod bottles are dishwasher safe. Top rack bottle and cap in the silverware bin (in open position).
- All Amphipod bottles are BPA-free
- You can use gel in Amphipod bottles. The 4oz SnapGel Module is specifically for holding energy gel although both the 8 and 10.5oz bottles can be used.


Amphipod running lights have replaceable batteries that can be found at any drugstore.



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