Oakley ARC5 PRO Unisex Winter Helmet


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Product description:

Designed and developed with reigning overall World Champion Aleksander Kilde, the ARC5 PRO was created to be the ultimate FIS certified alpine ski helmet. In partnering with one of the fastest and most accomplished racers in the sport today, the ARC5 PRO features an M-Forge composite shell with a unique rear design to help prevent Kilde's aggressive tuck position from interfering with his neck and body.

- M-FORGE® COMPOSITE: M-Forge® Composite technology is exceptional for any product that needs to protect you from impact and in activities where minimum weight gives you a performance advantage.
- SUPER-TUCK SHELL DESIGN: Unique rear shell design allows for an aggressive tuck position without interfering with the neck/body.
- GOGGLE INTEGRATION: Designed for optimal integration with Oakley goggles and tapered around the strap area to help goggles sit securely against the face.
- GATE PROTECTION FOAM: Dual density foam added to the fronts and sides of the helmet underneath the shell material. Designed to dampen the impact of the gate if it hits the helmet.
- CONFIGURABLE PADDING: Configurable padding, designed to allow you to adjust to your headshape for enhanced comfort.
- EMERGENCY REMOVAL EARPADS: Designed so first responders can remove earpads quickly and safely if the head or neck needs to be stabilized in the event of a crash.
- TOOLLESS CHIN GUARD: Integrated chin-guard compatibility that can be added and removed tool-free.
- FIXED VENTILATION: Fixed vents in front of helmet allow for goggle ventilation while the fixed vents on top of the helmet help keep the riders cool.
- MIPS® BRAIN PROTECTION SYSTEM: Reduces rotational forces caused by angled impacts to the head.

- FITS: STANDARD: Small (53-56cm) / Medium (55-59cm) / Large (58-61cm)


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