Belt Sizing:
RunLite belts come in fitted and one-size options.  One-size belts generally run from 26"-48".  Fitted belt sizes vary by belt type.  See the specific belt you are interested in for sizing for that belt.  Belt extVenders are available.


Vest Sizing:
Unisex Size Chart
Vest Size
Chest Size - Torso Circumference


24 - 40"


36 - 50"


- Amphipod bottles are dishwasher safe. Top rack bottle and cap in the silverware bin (in open position).
- All Amphipod bottles are BPA-free
- You can use gel in Amphipod bottles. The 4oz SnapGel Module is specifically for holding energy gel although both the 8 and 10.5oz bottles can be used.


Amphipod running lights have replaceable batteries that can be found at any drugstore.