BELL Full-10 Spherical Adult Full Face Cycling Helmet


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BELL Full-10 Spherical Adult Full Face Cycling Helmet: DH Standard Redefined


Building on the success of the Full-9, along with feedback from trusted athletes, and featuring new technologies we developed in-house, the Full-10 Spherical was engineered to be the new standard in DH fit, protection and style. Created in the Bell+Giro testing Dome in Scotts Valley, CA, our proprietary Spherical Technology™ powered by Mips® features a ball-and-socket design that helps redirect impact forces away from the brain, allowing the outer liner to rotate around the inner liner during a crash.

In addition, the Spherical Technology channels inside the lightweight unidirectional carbon shell allow us to achieve superior ventilation like never before — what we are calling our Thermal Exchange Airflow System™ (T.E.A.S.). This system sucks in cool air like a vacuum and then expels hot air through the side and rear exhaust ports, because as any rider knows, ventilation and sweat management go hand-in-hand. With the Full-10, the effort is evident — from Ionic+™ antimicrobial* comfort padding and magnetic cheek pads to an integrated breakaway camera mount and titanium D-rings on the chin strap.

This work has all been for you the rider, because when you are in the start gate, or at the lip of the jump that will launch you to glory, we want you to only be thinking about the ride ahead. *Ionic+ antimicrobial padding uses silver for helmet odor control

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