Blackburn Grid 2'Fer Front Or Rear Light



The Grid 2'fer is a high-powered front and rear light. A quick double-click of the power button switches it from white to red. With four mode options, you can choose if you need high lumen power or extended run time. Ready for those commuting in the city, riding the open roads, or heading to their local trail.


Recharge Type
USB-C rechargeable - Charges via any standard USB port (charging cable included)
Up to 175 lumens front, 55 lumens rear
Country of Origin
Mounting Options
Silicone strap mount stretches to fit a wide variety of sizes.
Removable pack- and belt-attachment clip
Product Weight
Run Time
Front solid mode: 2 hours at 175 lumens
Front pulse mode: 6 hours at 100 lumens (+2 hours auto-Eco)
Front strobe mode: 7 hours at 40 lumens (+2 hours auto-Eco)
Front Eco mode: 25 hours at 40 lumens
Rear solid mode: 1.75 hours at 55 lumens
Rear pulse mode: 6 hours at 35 lumens (+2 hours auto-Eco)
Rear strobe mode: 6.5 hours at 20 lumens (+2 hours auto-Eco)
Rear eco mode: 22 hours at 20 lumens
Water Resistance
IP-65 Ingress protection rating or "IP Rating," is a techy way to describe the level of water- and dust-proofness of a product. This light meets the IP-65 Standard, which means it is totally protected against dust/grit and protected against low-pressure water jets coming from any direction.



COB LEDS — Pack more LEDs in a small package with a powerfully even and wide light array to help you to be seen while riding in any environment.

ECO MODE — Extremely long run time in our Eco Mode for those riding all week, or on long daily rides. Eco Mode also extends the Pulse and Strobe modes by two hours.

USB-C — Modern USB plug standard to ensure you can stay charged and ready to ride.

BATTERY GAUGE — Small color LEDs in the power button help you monitor your light battery power, to tel you when it's time to charge your light once more. Green = 100-50%, Orange = 50-25%, Red = 25-0%

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