Dawn To Dusk

Dawn To Dusk Dirt Mask- Spare


Enjoy The Dirt, Not The Taste Of It

Charge through puddles and speed through gravel without compromising your hydration. The Dirt Mask provides full cap coverage on bottles, allowing you to ride any style, on any terrain and still have a clean, refreshing drink.

Experience Full Cap coverage

The Dirt Mask guards your entire bottle cap against dirt and dust- even when mounted under down tubes. The skirt around the bottom rim ensures dirt is unable to enter and keeps your nozzle clean.

Instantly pops open and locks at 210 degrees

Gone are the days of other dust caps slapping you in the face while you drink. The Dirt Mask stays open while you ride and hydrate, staying securely shut on all terrain. The Dirt Mask fits on all Dawn to Dusk bottles, including the Ice Flow and Aqua Flow bottles.

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