Dawn To Dusk

Dawn To Dusk Ice Flow Insulated Bottle


Frigid Bursts With Every Drink

This is not your ordinary insulated water bottle. The 591 mL (21 oz) Ice Flow Insulated Bottle has a multitude of features keeping your liquids cool, keeping you safe and keeping you hydrated. Don’t forget the Dirt Mask for complete cap coverage to keep that ice cold drink clean of grit.

Double-Packed Insulation

Some insulated water bottles have a foam inner for insulation that has moderate effect, but the Ice Flow technology takes it a step further. The double-walled construction keeps your liquids cool like the foam innards of others, but as soon as sunrays hit the Ice Flow bottle, they are immediately bounced back by the highly reflective surface. Not only will your liquids remain cool longer, but when car lights will hit your bottles, and they will shine as an added safety benefit. It’s the perfect insulated water bottle for gravel and adventure bikes.

Super Fast Flow With Protection

Cool hydration is not the only vital factor you need out of a bottle. So is a quick refreshing drink. The Super Flow valve on the Ice Flow is much larger than your average bottle resulting in being able to squirt 118 mL (4oz) of liquids in only 3.1 seconds. Satisfaction instantaneously.

When drinking has ceased, the spill-proof, shut-off nozzle prevents any drops from escaping. Want an even cleaner solution? Pair the Ice Flow bottle with the Dirt Mask that protects your complete cap & nozzle cover from the elements you go exploring through. Enjoy the dirt, just don’t taste it! 


Ensure every gulp that you take doesn’t taste like a foreign object. The Ice Flow bottle is both BPA Free and Phthalate free which means you can carry on your ride without a tang after-effect – another reason why the Ice Flow is the perfect insulated water bottle for gravel and adventure bikes, and the outdoors.

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