Dawn To Dusk

Dawn To Dusk Kaptive 10 Cage


Extreme Grip for Aggressive Terrain

The KAPTIVE 10 is a robust cage made to withstand the shred. It's 120 mm tall sides provide a whopping 10 lbs of grip force. So go ahead and blast the rock gardens…this cage is ready to ride.

Defying Gravity

Kaptive 10 requires 10lbs of grip force to release a bottle. This cage boasts 6 unyielding arms that are 120mm (4.7”) tall and wrap around the body. The bottom base supports bottles with a 3mm thick bottom shelf.

The 5 mm rigid upper hook, clenches onto deep-necked bottles resulting in exceptional retention.

Ultra Convenient

Cage mouth funnels outward along circumference allowing self-guiding cage access and removal without looking.

Top Tube Access

When you need extra storage for hydration, you can easily strap your Kaptive 10 anywhere along the top tube of your frame when you pair it with the Bear Hug mount. When mounted on the top tube, the Kaptive 10 is within quick reach, resulting in easy access to your bottle and almost instantaneous refreshment.

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