Dawn To Dusk

Dawn To Dusk Kaptive 14 Cage


The Ultimate Cage For Extreme Terrain

KAPTIVE 14  is the epitome of strength and reliability. Requiring 14 lbs of grip force to remove a bottle, this cage can handle any trail from gravel riding to mountain biking. With its sleek design and matte finish, you can now have a cage that was engineered for style and technical reliability.

Epitome of strength for extreme bottle retention

No worrying about losing your bottles and missing out on your essential hydration. The Kaptive 14 ‘s 6 arms built with extra layers of carbon fiber bring about a whopping 14 lbs of grip force – keeping that bottle put! Its tall 120mm (4.7″) sides clench your bottle with unrelenting strength and support even large bottles. This cage was meant for any challenge you take it through and really shows off while mounted underneath down tubes.

Extreme Grip, easy access & style?

That combo does exist! Despite the Kaptive 14 ‘s tight squeeze on bottles, the cage features a funnel shaped top that actually helps guide your bottle while removing or inserting it. The high-quality, precision-made carbon fiber material features a sleek matte finish with, allowing your bike to shine while performing at its best.

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