Dawn To Dusk

Dawn To Dusk Kaptive 8 Cage


Easy Access Without Grip Compromise

A reliable cage is a must when out on the trails, but so is easy access. The KAPTIVE 8 ‘s primary feature, the semi-side pull access, means you can have your side access cage with the confidence of knowing your bottle will be there when you need it.

Never Lose A Bottle

A frame cage has never been known to offer easy access to your bottle and securely grip a bottle over variable terrain. Ever lose a bottle from your frame and wonder what you are doing wrong? It’s not you; it’s your cage. Most frame cages we have tested require 3 to 4 lbs of force to pull your bottle out and this is simply not enough grip when you are tackling uneven trails and obstacles. Thanks to the Kaptive 8 ‘s 6 wide arms, 8 lbs of force is required to pull your bottle out…not too much to be difficult to take a bottle out, but just enough to secure bottle so you can ride on and enjoy the trails, knowing when you want a drink – you can take one!

Easy Access

A cage that is easy to pull a bottle out of, but also helps you guide your bottle in? That’s right! With a 30-degree slope on either side of the cage – you have your choice of which side to pull from. Not only that, but the Kaptive 8 has funneled sides which help you guide the bottle back into its cage so you can get back to enjoying your ride. Keeping hydrated should never be difficult.

Complete One-Handed Hydration System

You’ve got your choice of side access, you won’t be losing bottles left & right, and you can keep your eyes on the trail instead of struggling to get a bottle back in.

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