Hot Chillys

Hot Chillys Men Peachskins Fly Bottom


Product description:

Hot Chillys isn't all about peppers!

Taking their name from the lightly sueded "peached" finish that leaves wearers feeling soft and pampered, these lightweight thermal pants provide a good degree of warmth, especially when paired with a solid second layer.

These men's thermal base layer pants are also excellent at moving moisture away from the skin and serve as a smart, lightweight option for travel. Try one of our homemade lightweight thermal pants and experience the ultimate in soft, fuzzy comfort.

Features of these men's base layer pants with fly:

  • Gusset eases movement and reduces seam bulk
  • Hot Chillys logo elastic waistband with plush back
  • Fly front
  • 100% Microfiber Polyester makes it light for layering
  • Moisture Transfer Fibers to move moisture away from the skin
  • Relaxed fit, lightweight warmth
  • Antimicrobial treatment to inhibit bacteria growth
  • Anatomically designed shape with room to move
  • UPF 30 protective men's long underwear
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