Hot Chillys

Hot Chillys Men 3D Knit Crew Midweight Body Fit Base Layer


Product description:

Our 3D Knit features Hot Chillys' MTF polyester and Silvadur® antimicrobial yarns for smooth, easy layering. Silvadur® Intelligent Freshness protects against unwanted bacteria and odors so fabrics stay fresher, longer, with fewer launderings.

Four-way stretch hugs the body, moves with you, and provides endless, sleek support. This innovative fabric combination provides both warmth and breathability to keep you comfortable in any situation. Enjoy versatile performance wear that's lightweight, flexible, and odor-free.

  • Stretch performance
  • Soft, comfortable body conforming fit
  • Moisture wicking, odor resistant, and fast drying
  • Durable midweight warmth in cool to cold conditions
  • 69% nylon, 25% polyester, 6% spandex
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