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Hot Chillys Men's Balaclava Hoodie Midweight Body Fit Base Layer

  • IDWEIGHT BASE LAYER AND MOISTURE TRANSFER FIBERS - Our base layers are designed for warmth, performance (including but not limited to breathability and moisture management), and wearable comfort. The adventure is yours, we'll keep you warm and comfortable. An essential feature in all our products, Hot Chillys exclusive moisture transfer fibers (MTF) move moisture away from your body by employing hydrophobic yarns to wick away perspiration, thereby keeping you dry and comfortable.
  • BODY FIT AND UPF 30+ - Designed with 4-way stretch, these fabrics hug your body for a next-to-skin fit, enhancing breathability and moisture management. Body fit garments move with you, allowing full range of motion while staying against your skin. Ultraviolet Protection Factor. Sunlight includes rays of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and Hot Chillys products are designed to help protect you!
  • 4-WAY STRETCH - Fabrics with this elastic feature will hug your body and move with you, eliminating extra bulk, providing a full range of motion, and improving performance. Nearly all our body-fit products include a 4-way stretch. Some of our relaxed fit products include a 4-way stretch as well.
  • BIO-SILVER - Bio-Silver have been intimately blended into some of our yarns. These natural, silver-based properties remain active for the lifetime of the fabric.
  • ACTIVATED CARBON - Activated carbon incorporated into the yarns enhance thermal regulation and odor blocking characteristics of this product.
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