Hot Chillys

Hot Chillys Women Horizon Nord Mid Volume Sock


Product description:

  • MID VOLUME WINTER SPORTS SOCKS - Knitted with comfort and fit in mind, our Winter Sport Socks provide all the features you expect: moisture management, temperature control, and durability. Our socks give you the cushion and warmth you need for any adventure, indoors or out.
  • MOISTURE TRANSFER FIBERS - An essential feature in all our products, Hot Chillys exclusive moisture transfer fibers (MTF) move moisture away from your body by employing hydrophobic yarns to wick away perspiration, thereby keeping you dry and comfortable.
  • ODOR BLOCKING PROPERTIES - Fabrics that feature the OBP label have been specially treated with our secret “chilly seasonings”. These products are designed for optimum freshness and odor control and will remain in the fabric for the first 20-30 wash cycles.

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