K2 Vo2 S 100 W Women's Inline Skates

$265.95 $279.95

Breaking plateaus is the specialty of the NEW VO2 S 100, with ripping fast 100mm wheels with ILQ-9 S Plus bearings, these skates take your training (and heart rate) to new heights! It features our unique VO2 S Frame, a single-sided frame made from extruded and machined aluminum that is responsive, fast and vibration-absorbing, to deliver a silky-smooth high-speed skating experience. Original SoftBoot¨ technology is combined seamlessly with the Speed Lacing System and revolutionary Vortech Ventilation System, providing a comfortable, breathable fit that secures with a single pull. This integration of boot technologies is backed up with support from the lightweight VO2 Cuff for a confident fit and feel. Experience the next level of x-training skate technology with the VO2 S 100!

*Note: Brake is removable but not compatible with left skate.


The K2 Speed Lacing Closure System is a single-pull design making one pull all you need to create a snug fit. Roll up excess lace and stow in the speed lace pouch located on the tongue.


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