Kask Urban R Adult Bike Helmet


Designed for the urban cyclist, the Urban R is streetwear for the style-conscious rider. Three integrated vents span the helmet’s top and can be adjusted by a rear lever to control the amount of airflow to suit the needs of urban mobility cyclists. They can also be closed on rainy days to keep out moisture. An interchangeable visor in different shades helps manage brightness, and a synthetic leather chinstrap adds class and comfort at the same time.


ACTIVE VENTILATION SYSTEM: The active ventilation system integrated in the helmet allows for improved cooling. Using the lever on the rear, the amount of airflow can be adjusted to siut the rider's needs. This new ventilation system, combined with breathable inner fabrics, improves the rider's physiological comfort.

ERGO FIT: A brand-new adjustment system engineered to improve fit and comfort. The redesigned wheel offers a better grip for managing micro adjustments, while improved aesthetics and design result in a new fit-system to provide optimal comfort and fit.

ONE-MOVE SWITCH SYSTEM: Changing the visor while on the street has never been easier and faster. By simply pushing the buttons on the side, it's possible to detach and change it in order to face different levels of brightness. The One-Move Switch System was developed to perfectly fit with the helmet's design.

ECO-LEATHER CHINSTRAP: Chin pad with synthetic leather chinstrap. The hypoallergenic and washable chinstrap is extremely comfortable and helps to avoid irritation of the skin.

SILVER PLUS TREATED FABRIC AND : Inner padding fabric that's been treated with the antibacterial and antimicrobial SILVER PLUS process. The reaction between titanium dioxide and silver chloride in this process inhibits odour-causing bacteria that would otherwise compromise hygiene.

ANTIBACTERIAL LINER: Thermoformed material that provides maximum comfort. Interior padding material is gentle on the skin protects and protects it from bacteria and airborne pollutants, thus reducing the suffering that comes from allergies.

PANORAMIC VISOR: Wraparound visor features panoramic visibility for safe riding on city streets. Interchangeable and easy to replace, the visor comes in a variety of colours in the Kask range.

PANORAMIC VISOR OTG: No compromise in the wearability of Kask visors. The panoramic shape ensures a perfect fit - even for someone who wears eyeglasses - to maintain the best look in total safety.

IN-MOULDING TECHNOLOGY: The innovative “in moulding” technology, joining the inner polystyrene cap to the outer polycarbonate one, ensures a better shock absorption.

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