NiteRider Road Runner Headlamp Rear Light Combo (Adventure 320 and Sabre 110)


For those drawn to the road or trails with two legs instead of two wheels, NiteRider® has the ultimate combo set for you. Our most powerful headlamp to date—the Road Runner 320—now produces 320 lumens with eight settings plus Night Vision Mode. Weighing in at a paltry 87 grams (light and strap), the Road Runner 320 is well suited for endurance athletes, campers, hikers, walkers and everyone in between. It’s not good enough, however, that you can just see ahead; you must be visible and safely protected from behind as well. That’s why we include our 110 lumen rear light, making it the perfect lighting partner at 28 grams as a wearable safety light—it seamlessly clips onto the rear of the head strap, or other belt loops, and more. The USB rechargeable Road Runner 320 lighting system meet all required FL1 Standards for impact testing and dust/water resistance.

•  Lumen Output: 320
  9 Modes with Run Times: 1:30 – 77:30hrs

  Charge Time: 2:30hrs

  Weight: 70g

  Battery: Li-Po

•  Low Battery Indicator
  320 lumen headlamp with angle adjustment
•  Red light night vision is invisible to bugs and will not attract insects

Red Night Vision Mode -  9:30h
Red Safety Flash -  50:00h

Diffused Mode -  17:30h
Low Mode -  32:00h at 12 Lumens

Medium Mode -  9:00h at 54 Lumens

High Mode -  1:30h at 320 Lumens
Daylight Flash -  23:00h
Locator Beacon -  77:30h

S.O.S. - 47:00h

• Lumen Output: 110
• 6 Modes with Run Times: 1:30 – 10:30hrs
• Charge Time: 2:30hrs
• Weight: 28g
• Battery: Li-Po
• Low Battery Indicator
• 110 Lumen Super Lightweight Daylight Visible taillight

Pulse Flash - 7:00h
Flash - 6:00h
Fast Flash - 17:00h
Steady High - 1:45h
Steady Med - 4:00h
Steady Low - 8:30h

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