Pack Rabbit

Pack Rabbit Spidernet


The SPiDERNET is an ultra-lightweight, quick, and easy-to-use cargo attachment system.  Each MILSPEC-quality braided shock-cord has a tensile strength rated at 300-lb and can stretch up to 9-feet in length.  The  double-gated "S-Biners" can easily be attached to any number of the frame's molded-in attachment points and along the SPiDERNET to create endless configurations for carrying cargo.  The SPiDERNET is perfect for watersports and beach activities.  Attach dry-bags, coolers, wetsuits, and more without worring about trapped water, sand, or debris.  At your destination use it as an anchor line, or to erect shade and rain covers.  The uses are endless.  This is a "must-have" item to complete any "kit bag" for outdoor gear. 5-Colors to choose from.


  • (2) 4-ft MILSPEC Braided Shock-Cords
  • (6) Double-gated S-Biners
  • 300-lb Tensile Strength
  • Stretchable to 9-feet in Length
  • Hook to Any Location of Braid
  • Lifetime Warranty

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