Smith Optics

Smith Skyline Unisex Winter Sports Goggles Interchangeable Lenses

$136 $190

Product description:

Flip the switch to full screen and take in the whole mountain. The Smith Skyline goggles maximize your view with an extra-large rimless design and a distortion-free spherical lens. Anticipate every turn like a pro with the benefit of ChromaPop lens tech to bring the snow texture and wind features to life with enhanced contrast and color definition. Pair them with the Smith helmet of your choice for unmatched airflow and fog-free vision at the resort and on backcountry missions alike.

Product Details

  • Polarized polycarbonate injection molded lenses
  • 6 base lens curvature
  • Evolve™ bio-based frame material
  • Custom metal logo plaques
  • Microfiber cleaning/storage bag
  • 1% UV protection
  • Medium fit
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