SOTO MicroRegulator Camping Stove


SOTO’s original micro regulator stove maintains a consistent output in cold weather. Proprietary “stealth igniter” installed. Invisible part is installed inside the burner post and head for increased simplicity and improved ignition. The system also protects the igniter. “Hypersurface Burner Head” efficiently heats pan. Excellent for cooking. Case Included.

The MicroRegulator Stove uses the Micro Regulator valve system.

MicroRegulator Stove Specifications:

  • Output: 2800 kcal/h 3260w 11000 BTU
  • Duration: Burns approx.1.5 hours with 8 oz. (250g)canister
  • Weight: 2.6 oz. (73g)
  • Dimensions: Here

SOTO’s stoves are compatible with all major gas canisters on the market today. All major gas brand companies’ canisters are equipped with a Lindal valve. The connection for SOTO’s stoves has been engineered to be compatible with the Lindal valve system thereby making it compatible with all major fuel canisters.   

The information on the 70/30% mixture indicated on the packaging of SOTO’s stove is required to meet standard guidelines. SOTO’s stoves will work with any combination of butane, isobutane, and/or propane gas mixtures.  

The choice of the gas mixture is based on where the stove is intended to be used and the desired performance.  

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