SOTO ThermoLite Pot Set


Upgrade the Thermostack Original by adding the ThermoLite 750 ml pot to complete the set.

Thermostack Specifications:

Storage Size:
Diameter: 86 mm x height 110 mm
Total weight: 182 g

Multi-functional Lid:
Uses: Lid, colander, or 100 g fuel can holder
Dimensions: width 102 x height 13 mm
Weight: 17 g/0.6 oz
Materials: Body–Resin,

750 ml/25.4 oz ThermoLite Pot:
Dimensions: diameter 102 x height 120 mm
Weight: 84 g / 750 ml
Material: Hard Anodized Aluminum Pot

Micro Lifter:
Dimensions: width 88 x depth 22 x height 22 m
Weight: 13 g/0.2 oz
Materials: Anodized Aluminum, Stainless steel

Cozy/Storage Pouch:
Weight: 45 g/1.6 oz.
Materials: Tarpaulin, Aluminum evaporated sheet
750 ml pot can stow a 110g canister, a single stove, and Micro Lifter.

Stow assembled Thermostack in the 750 ml pot upside down.

Wait for it…

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