Ticket to the Moon

Ticket to the Moon Backpack Plus


Product description:

  • The All-Round Safe-Keeper: Are you looking for a foldable everyday or travel backpack that is spacious, sturdy, and lightweight? Do you like to carry your laptop or books in a separate pocket besides other daily essentials? With a top pocket and two hidden pockets, your belongings are absolutely safe. Fancy a chest strap? A great addition to your everyday equipment- casual and formal! 3 compartments, 2 hidden pockets, and only 0.39oz!
  • Sustainability Taken Seriously: To minimize environmental impact with locally sourced materials and innovative upcycling methods in product and packaging design and local manufacturing. Spare fabric is turned into eco-friendly products or recycled into new fabrics, nothing is wasted.
  • Fair Production: We prioritize fair production, promoting advancements while respecting local social structures. The majority of materials and labor come from Indonesia, and TTTM values honesty, humanity, and fairness, ensuring staff has great working conditions. Profit is annually redistributed equally among employees based on tenure.
  • FREE ON TOP: PEACE OF CONSCIENCE!- since the first hour, TTTM has been pioneering fair trade & production standards in the outdoor, travel & leisure industry. Profits are shared with our smiling employees and nurture our very own foundation.
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