Ticket to the Moon

Ticket to the Moon Convertible BugNet 360

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  • HIGH QUALITY ALL-ROUND PROTECTION: Escape insect bites, travel light and enjoy nice ventilation? The soft, yet robust polyester mesh (200 holes/cm_) will even keep away tiniest insects away, while ensuring sufficient ventilation. The ingenious 360¡ concept will make sure you are not bitten from below (mosquitos can bite through sleeping bags!!!)
  • VERSATILE ALL-ROUNDER- the 360¡ mosquito net fits most commercially available hammocks (without spreader bars). The fully convertible top quickly opens thanks to double circular YKK zippers for extra freedom of movement, when the coast is clear or you want to increase air flow. Put a shirt into the soft pouch and use it as a pillow. Recommended hammocks: Ticket to the Moon Single, Double or King Size! For star-lovers, we recommend the black net, to blend into nature, choose green, for cool daytime use choose white!
  • SIMPLE AND FAST SET-UP- In no time you are safe from insects! 1. Put your arm through the ÒtunnelÓ 2. insert the already installed hammock by briefly unhooking it 3. Fix attachment hooks, draw net over hammock and tighten end strings. You can adjust the tension line insider or outside the hammock if needed 4. Jump in and be safe- See also on Youtube:ÓBug Net 360¡ Tutorial and how to useÓ
  • FREE ON TOP: PEACE OF CONSCIENCE!- since the first hour, TTTM has been pioneering fair trade & production standards in the outdoor and leisure industry. Profits are shared with our smiling employees and nurture our very own foundation.
  • SUSTAINABILITY TAKEN SERIOUSLY- Nothing is left to waste! Left-over fabric are upcycled into useful products like foldable Eco Bags, pocket frisbees, backpacks etc. Join the tribe, spread the vibe!

Check out out installation video!


  • Dimensions: 300cm x 130cm (9.8ft x 4.3ft)
  • Weight: 485g
  • Netting density: 200 holes per cm_ (1,296 per in_)
  • Material: 100% polyester, washable at 30¼C (86¼F)
  • 10 years manufacturer«s warranty
  • Max. Hammock length: 3.2m
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