Ticket to the Moon

Ticket to the Moon Lightest Hammock

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A technical and lightweight configuration

When you go on a long hike or want to have a camping adventure, every gram counts. A regular travel hammock can be too heavy and too bulky: we know that the lighter you go, the farther you can go. If you are a picky packer, The Lightest Collection is right for you. Many years of research have allowed us to create the lightest full-size hammock, that packs away extremely small and weighs just over 200gram.Ê

When comfort is synonymous with safety

The configuration of The Lightest is very special: the hammock is handmade in Indonesia from a locally sourced, high-quality crinkle nylon fabric. It is our most technical hammock to-date and the most spacious ultralight hammock in the market. Using the full width of the material and a total length of 320 cm: we created the lightest hammock without compromising comfort, even for taller people.Ê

This pocket-sized hammock uses unique loops made of polyethylene cords with a core of high molar mass fibers (HMPE / PE), up to 15 times stronger than normal rope.Ê

Ease of Use


Few things are as easy as pitching a Ticket To The Moon lightest hammock:

  1. Hang your suspension system of ropes or straps to a tree or pole
  2. Adjust your lightest hammock hang to create a level position with a 30¡ incline
  3. Make sure that your hammock clears the ground by at least 40 cm when sitting on the hammock.Ê
  4. Get in without fear: this lightest hammock can support a load of 150 kg. For a comfortable flat-lay, you should lie diagonally with head and feet on the opposite.


Use the convertible bug net 360¡ in insect-sensitive areas. We also offer a roof to protect you from the weather and an underquilt hammock insulation that keeps you warm through the night.

Choose your accessories:

Your lightest hammock comes with the new Express Setting Bag: allowing for even faster set-up and take-down. This bag can also be removed and used as a small pillow for comfort. You will also find an additional pocket on the side of the hammock for convenient storage or alternative packing.Ê

For easy installation, we have three suspension systems available:

ÊOur regular hanging solutions of Nautical Rope Kits or the Daisychain Moon Straps, but to complement this hammock, we specially created the Lightest Straps (a compact set of tree-huggers and ropes).

Product Features:


  • Lightweight nylon 34g/m2- triple stitching
  • Hammock dimensions: 320 x 140 cm
  • Weight: 228 gr
  • _ 3-millimeter HMPE / PE loopsÊ
  • 10-year warranty
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