Ticket to the Moon

Ticket to the Moon Mammock Hammock

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The original among parachute hammocks since 1996.

  • SO BIG IS NO OTHER - (at huge 8m*4,5m it weighs only 3,42kg)
  • HANDMADE QUALITY - certified according to OEKO-TEX¨ Standard
  • FASTER, INTUITIVE CONSTRUCTION - (in <2min.) Neither knots nor screws!
  • GOOD CONSCIOUSNESS thanks to fair production and foundation
  • HONESTLY SUSTAINABLE - Nothing is left to waste!

The GIANT Hammock is for all friends and family of Ticket to the Moon!

Are you looking for a huge hammock that can hold all your friends and family? That is always and everywhere with you? We have developed an extremely large yet durable hammock that you can use on your travels, in the park, around the campfire, or just at home, at a party with up to 6 people. This ultra-large hammock will be with you for many years to come. With a fabulous lying surface of 8m x 4,5m, it offers a lot of space for a lot of fun. The principle "From travelers for travelers" is our motto. So that nothing can get lost, the side pocket even holds keys, glasses, etc.

We guarantee:

  1. Very fast and intuitive assembly, no knotting, no drilling - we protect man and nature
  2. Ultra-strong parachute silk, which also guarantees a lot of comfort and safety. Together with the cover, the hammock can hang outside all year round
  3. First-class production, handmade quality certified according to OEKO-TEX¨ standard (You will immediately notice the difference to the machine-produced (Chinese) hammocks)
  4. Fair production and sustainable commitment to nature, employees, and our customers, without ifs and buts - get informed here! ATTENTION. To hang up this hammock, you need at least 7m between the 3m+ high hanging points 
Wait for it…

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