Ticket to the Moon

Ticket to the Moon MoonChair

$37.46 $49.95

Moon Chair the flexible and pressure releasing hammock chair for explorers

This is probably the coolest chair you ever sat in, and we'll tell you why. It's a vertical hanging and portable chair that's just as easy to set up as our Travel Hammock. More so, It's comfortable, made from a lightweight, fast-drying, mildew-resistant parachute material, it won't rot so that it can live outside for the summer. It's adjustable and has a footrest. This chair will leave you hanging but in a good way. The rope used is all nautical quality, and the stitching is super strong. It's machine washable. Just untie the four corners. By pushing the rope through the rings, the chair's angle can be adjusted, get a bit more laid back, why not? This chair has proved very popular with parents of special needs children due to its bucket seat style. The set is complete with its carrying case, a footrest, suspension rope, and a 10kN carabiner.

Our handcrafted hammocks and chairs TTTM are tested under extreme conditions, and to ensure your ultimate comfort and safety, we exclusively use high-grade parachute silk. You will not only see but especially feel the difference between conventional and mechanically produced products.

"Made by travelers for travelers in Utopia." Work has to be fun! Therefore, our tribes enjoy free Yoga lessons, Kung-Fu, English courses, on-site child care, profit sharing, a flat hierarchy, and so on. A significant amount of the profits directly go into TTTM's very own Foundation, whose mission is to strengthen disadvantaged communities' resilience in Indonesia.

Quick installation:

  1. Remove the chair from its carrying bag.
  2. Take the rope and wrap it around a branch or beam.
  3. Pass the end of the rope through the loop and attach the carabiner.
  4. Push the top bar all the way down, so it rests on the adjustment rings.
  5. Your chair is now ready for use.
Wait for it…

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