Ticket to the Moon

Ticket to the Moon MoonQuilt

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The Moonquilt is an all-around warming talent. In thisÊvideo you can see the Moonquilt in action!ÊIt creates a cozy feeling, like lying in a warm cloud in temperatures ranging from 5¡C to 18¡C. Therefore, you can not only let your soul dangle in your hammock on sunny days but also spend cooler nights in your floating bed, outdoors or indoors. Zippers on the upper side offer you the opportunity to create your own space so you can close yourself off into a warm cocoon.

The zipper of the Moonquilt can also be used as a comfortable and roomy sleeping bag in temperatures ranging from 5¡C to 10¡C. If the night turns out to be milder than expected, use it as a blanket. It is multi-functional and weighs only 1280g, one of the lighter options in this temperature range. Packing is easy with the smart compression bag, which can hold your Moonquilt, hammock, Bug Net, and suspension, allowing you to set it up and take it down in one go.

In the packing bag, which is equipped with compression straps, there is enough space to carry your hammock. Additionally, at the corners of the Moonquilt, you will find four little pockets to either store the guy lines or candy if used as a sleeping bag or blanket. The shell fabric and the insulation are tolerant of moisture since it is made from polyester.

To sum up, the Moonquilt is an all-round solution to keep you warm in your hammock but can be very useful as a light sleeping bag or blanket outdoors or even at home.


  • Size: 200x140 cm
  • Weight: 1380 g (1280 g without hood)
  • Material 70D/210T Polyester (outer), 50D/320T Polyester (inner), Filling Polyester Hollow Fibre 13,5 TOG.
  • Temp. Range: Moonquilt 5¡C to 18¡C (approx.), Sleeping Bag 10¡C / 5¡C / 2¡C (Comfort / Limit / Extreme)
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