UltrAspire Iso Versa 2.0 Adjustable Hand-strap Handheld BPA-Free & PVC-Free Water Bottle

$24.95 $26.95
  • Dual side adjustable strap for a secure fit
  • Micro Fiber breathable mesh body
  • Comes standard with 20 oz Human Bottle sculpted for smaller hands
  • Super soft, easier to squeeze plastic
  • BPA-free Made in the USA!

The Iso Versa 2.0 handheld is a natural and comfortable way to carry your fluids with no gripping necessary. This handheld is equipped with a simple to use SR buckle that keeps the bottle in place. The hand strap features our Ultra Light Mesh for a comfortable and lightweight fit. The Fast Cap has a silicone valve that automatically opens and closes for quick access to fluids on the go. The Iso Versa 2.0 now has dual sided adjustment to help fit the left or right hand perfectly. This handheld can be pushed up on the wrist or arm to run with poles or bring the weight closer to the body for energy conservation and efficiency.
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