UltrAspire Plexus 2.0 Waist Pack - Lagoon Navy, One Size (28"- 40")


Product Description

The Plexus 2.0 is a 4-liter low-profile waist pack designed to carry a variety of contents securely. The back portion of the Plexus 2.0 features a horizontal bottle pocket that includes an UltraFlask 550 Hybrid Bottle. The compartment is fully insulated and can be accessed with the left or right hand. Foam has been added to ensure you never feel the contents of the pocket on the lower back. The 4-way stretch mesh prevents the bottle from inadvertently launching. Dual forward pull adjustments make getting the perfect fit a breeze and the breathable webbing allows sweat to escape for zero chafing. The front portion of the Plexus 2.0 has seen a capacity increase which keeps the load balanced and the profile low across the entirety of the pack. For webbing management, the front floating pocket has room to tuck any excess away. The conical shape which appears on all UltrAspire waist pack products has been refined through 30 years of development to ensure a comfortable and non-slip fit. One size fits most

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