Vittoria Elusion Alloy Clincher Road Bike Wheel


This light, race-ready alloy clincher is built on Vittoria Performance hubs with straight-pull butted spokes, and featuring SwitchIT® freewheel for instant cassette changes. the 23mm wide rims are 26 mm deep in front, 28 mm at rear; rear wheel has asymmetric rim and 2:1 spoke pattern to equalize spoke tension. The 16/21 spoke count is optimized for handling and fast acceleration.

Compatible: Shimano, SRAM or Campagnolo 11spd cassettes:Rim design, asymmetrical rear rim for improved stiffness.
Optimized stiffness: differential front/rear rim depths, with front 16 and rear 21 spokes.
SwitchIT® freewheel: Vittoria Performance hub makes tools unnecessary.
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