Vittoria Revolution Tech G2.0 Rigid G2.0 Urban Bike Tire


The name Revolution explains it all; a tread design that rolls faster than a slick, while providing traction in a range of conditions. Micro-effective edges form a staircase of grooves in the direction of cornering force, and channel water away from the center. E-bike compliant Graphene compound rolls fast, and when used on an e-bike, extends battery life. Reflective sidewall stripe increases your visibility for oncoming motorists. The Solid Shielding puncture protection layer makes punctures a thing of a past. As with all Vittoria Tech Series tires, the mix of performance and durability add up to a great value!

Available in 700c and MTB sizes.
Graphene compound - Regulation compliant for e-bike use.
Reflective sidewall stripe for safety.
Wait for it…

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