Vittoria Terreno Wet G2.0 Gravel/TNT G2.0 Tire


Many a battle has been lost, due to a lack of preparation. In Gravel and Cyclocross racing, having the right tires is often the critical difference between winning, and learning the hard way.When developing the Terreno Wet tread, we worked with the top athletes to gather their wish-list of performance traits that would make the ultimate wet weather weapon. Versatility was the common thread… It had to roll like a race tire, corner on rails, and be virtually clog proof. A tall order by any measure. The final product is a tread that performs unlike any other. With the open alternating-lugged design and full siping, the Terreno Wet delivers pro performance, in a range of soft terrain.

Alternating center ridge rolls fast, and provides forward traction.
Available in both 320 TPI Corespun Cotton Tubular and TNT Clincher.
Full knob siping keeps the tread flexible on slick surfaces.
Wait for it…

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