Weston Skyline Carbon All Mountain Vernan Kee Ski

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The Best Ski for: All-Mountain Touring - Steeps, Variable Conditions

The Skyline is our latest addition to the ski lineup. Designed for long tours that lead to steeps and variable conditions, the Skyline is going to lead the charge uphill while providing a reliable edge on the down. To achieve this we've combined a 95mm ski with our Freeride camber-dominant ski profile - there's just the right amount of reverse camber in the nose to help keep you afloat, while the 3.5mm or more of camber maintains snap and edgehold and the flat to early rise tail allows the tail to release when you need it too. We pair this with a ultralight core composed of paulownia and aluminum stringers, with a carbon fiber overlay. The paulownia and carbon keep things ultralight while the horizontal aluminum provides dampening similar to a full metal ski while weighing in at only 1500 grams in a 184cm.

With the Mission Series, Weston has teamed up with Diné Navajo artist, Vernan Kee, and the National Forest Foundation to support the Wood For Life Tribal Fuelwood Initiative. The program responsibly redistributes firewood from forest restoration projects to indigenous communities for cooking and heating their homes in winter.


  • Wood Composition || Paulownia - 100%
  • Shape || Tapered Directional
  • Camber Profile || Freeride Ski
  • Topsheet || Castor Bean Based Rugged Nylon
  • Layup Fibers || Tri-Axial Fiber Glass
  • Fiber Reinforcements || Flax Touring Bracket and Inserts Plates
  • Base Material || Sintered Durasurf 4001 
  • Sidewall || Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene (UHMW)

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