Weston Hero Hands Full Leather Snow Winter Gloves

$35 $39.99


Designed in Minturn and tested by mountain pros here in the Vail Valley, these gloves are as comfortable throwing avi control bombs as they are raising pint glasses. The pigskin leather exterior is supple while still durable and a super soft liner is comfortable all day long. Pair this with Westherm Insulation, and you've got a glove that can keep up with you season after season without breaking the bank.

We include Nikwax Leather Waterproofing Cream with every glove for the best waterproofing that's as good for your gloves as it is the environment. Unlike other oil-based formulas out there that deteriorate the leather over time, the Nikwax water-based formula protects the leather. Plus the formula is non-flammable, contains no harmful solvents and is free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and fluorocarbons. Most importantly, their formula provided the best waterproofing we could find and maintained the natural breathability of the leather!

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