XLAB Chimp Carbon Unisex Cycling Water Bottle Cage


Product Description

Super quick and easy to get the bottle out of the cage.

  • High Grip - The CHIMP‘s 8 lb. of grip securely holds your bottle on even the roughest of roads, while its low profile design allows easy bottle removal when you need it. The cage’s 6 arms are pretensioned to provide optimal bottle contact. The surface of the arms is flat and smooth, providing unmatched cage to bottle friction. Grip plus friction equals fewer bottle ejections.
  • Semi Side Access Design - The perfect balance between grip and easy access. The CHIMP excels where frame space gets tight and the roads get rough. Dual funnel edged sides allow for easy no look bottle insertions with either hand. Reinforced top hook and bottom shelf lock bottle in place helping to prevent bottle loss. Two downward-angled arms give you the benefit of a side access cage and the security of a standard cage.
  • Purpose - Designed for Triathlon and Road bikes where space or bottle retention is a concern. Provides firm and secure water bottle retention in all roads. Fits most standard diameter water bottles. For maximum grip, use a bottle that has a consistent groove all the way around its neck. It should be uniform and fit tightly against the CHIMP‘s top retaining hook.
  • Installation - Quickly and easily mounts with included bolts. Oval mounting holes allow for fine tuning cage placement. Perfect for down tube or seat tube installation.
  • Materials - Strong and ultra lightweight (39 grams) cage is constructed out of a proprietary carbon fiber composite layup. Included steel mounting hardware is highly corrosion resistant. Carries a limited lifetime warranty.
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